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Reptile Forum & Classifieds
Clubfauna is a pet network which has reptile and amphibian care articles throughout the website. We also have a reptile forum and classifieds which many reptile and amphibian enthusiasts participate on daily.

Ians Vivarium
International Reptile Community plus the biggest and best photo illustrated corn snake morph guide on the Internet, care sheets, galleries, free classifieds and downloads. NEW! - Reptile Clothing: Tshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts featuring reptile designs. - The Reptile Community
An excellent reptile forum that offers many active members, lots of nice reptile photos, as well as care and information sheets for many reptile species.

Reptile Forums UK
The largest and most active reptile forum in the UK. People from all countries are welcome to join.

Reptiles Magazine Community
A discussion forum for reptiles brought to you by the editors of Reptiles Magazine.

Triple 8 Reptiles Care Forum
A reptile care discussion forum by Triple 8 Reptiles, a supplier of reptile supplies in the UK. You may ask reptile care questions and get answers on this forum. The forum is open to anyone, not just those in the UK.

Reptile forums, news, articles...all the info you need for your herps (in Spanish).

Reptile Community
Ireland's newest, friendliest reptile & other animal forum. Growing fast, plenty to see & do - science & dissections, microscope gallery & conservation, chit-chat, rehoming & classifieds.

Captive Bred Reptile Forums
A place to share and discuss all aspects of reptile keeping.

Iguania - Reptile and Exotics Forum
IGUANIA - Web dedicated to disseminating information about the maintenance of exotic animals. Online articles and directory about reptiles, amphibians, arthropods and other exotic pets. All about snakes, frogs, lizards and much more. Spanish Website. Foros en Español.

Reptiles Forum
Spanish reptile forum with with thousands of active visitors.