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One of the largest breeders and suppliers of Dubia roaches (Blaptica dubia) - the most popular feeder roaches for reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, & fish.

Pet Tarantulas
It's important to research how to care for pet tarantulas before just jumping into buying them. There are so many different species that it would blow your mind. That's where valuable research and guided help is key.

Mealworm Complete Guide
People love to take care of their pets properly and a large part of that is feeding them good nutritional food. Thatís where the mealworm comes in.

Tarantulas Scorpions Centipedes & Other Pet Bugs
We sell tarantulas, scorpions and other pet bugs.

Scorpus Park
Number one site of maintenance of scorpions, tarantulas, and mantis with more than ten videos and one hundred photographs.

Pet Tarantulas
This is a website entirely dedicated to explaining expert pet tarantula care, feeding, handling, the most docile species, the biggest species, where they're found, and so much more!